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Kick-Off & Discovery

01 Kick-Off & Discovery

With your ideas in mind, we begin sketching the layout of your requirements. Your needs go through our microscopic eyes, to make sure that we don't miss out on even the smallest of things.

Feasibility Study, Software Requirement Specification (SRS), Software Requirement Validation (SRV)
The Core Architecture

02 The Core Architecture

Step-by-step your website gets an iron framework on which your brand is going to stand tall. The architecture is designed with precision so that the website not only looks elegant but is also robust from the inside.

Attribute-Driven Design Method, Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method, System of Systems (SoS) Architecture Evaluation
Design & Mocks

03 Design & Mocks

Now it's time to make your website look beautiful from the outside! We don't stop till we see that smile of content on your face. The mock is a reflection of your brand which is nothing less than the very best.

Getting Coded!

04 Getting Coded!

We code your website according to the highest coding standards. Your website will stand the test of time with our cutting-edge coding abilities and technologies.

Quality Checks & Re-checks

05 Quality Checks & Re-checks

With everything in place, our testing experts zap out bugs from your website making it clean and healthy. Bug-free and stunning, the website is all set to make heads turn.

Manual Testing (unit, functional, integration, system, performance, regression), Automation Testing (Selenium, SilkTest, TestComplete, WinRunner, LoadRunner, WATIR)
Its Launch Time

06 Its Launch Time

The countdown begins. In 5…4…3…2…and 1, the world gets to see a never-seen-before experience. Your brand is ready to grab the spotlight and is definitely here to stay!

Let's get optmized

07 Let's get optmized

Your website is up and running. But hold on till we put you under the spotlight. We optimize your website so that it stays visible to the potential audience.

SEO, SMM, Digital Marketing, Content Writing
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