Data Analytics

The power of user behaviour now in your hands

It's all about 'DATA'. Your company's progress is always associated with the effective utilization of data.

A phase-shift approach is required for handling voluminous data, and that's when Data transforms into Intelligence; Making your data turn into meaningful insights!

Understanding DATA Insights from Sumanas

Next-Gen Analytics

1.Next-Gen Analytics

A little extra is always loved! With Next Gen Analytics in pace, we transform voluminous data into Big data visualization.

Deploying Next-Gen Analytics keeps you closer to the consumers, strengthens decision-making, improved value chain insights and helps in perfect data analysis.

Data Visualization

2.Data Visualization

Presenting Data Visually' in a pictorial or graphical format. With Data visualization technique, new patterns and difficult concepts could be significantly understood.

A wise investment you make to your Big data Future.

Business Intelligence

3.Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence enables you to know more about the Business and the Market. Incorporating Business Intelligence techniques would improve the agility and efficiency of the organization.

At Sumanas we believe delivering right information to correct people at perfect time is the best strategy for adapting Business Intelligence.

Big Data

4.Big Data

Big data is the new buzz in town. So let's get to know what is 'Big data?'

Channelizing Structured and Unstructured data and transforming it into meaningful data and we do it the right way!

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